Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

thirteen28_35 First up this time around, here's an ad from Dell's "Thirteen" #28, and as you can see, it's another ad from one of Johnson Smith's competitors! Amazing how many of these there were, isn't it? How could anyone choose which place to buy X-Ray Specs from? wagontrain08_36 Next, here's an old Daisy ad that appeared in Dell's "Wagon Train" #8, and it's certainly an appropriate ad for a western title, isn't it? I like the way they tried to encourage dads in their ad to get these for their kids! wagontrain09_03 And from "Wagon Train" #9, here's an ad for a Dell Comics Contest -- did you think maybe only Charlton was running contests in the 60s? wagontrain09_19 Here's that centerspread ad, in case you were curious.... so now you know why sometimes you'll see a bunch of Dells with the corner logo cut out of them! wagontrain09_36 And yes, this is an extra-large edition... because I wanted to get this ad for Twinkles Cereal in here! I'd heard of this cereal, but did not know about the storybook packaging!

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