Friday, October 05, 2012

Cool Stuff!

Time for some cool stuff, and I think this may be all Spidey stuff, beginning with this original art from a Spider-Man coloring book! spiderman_coloringart01 spiderman_coloringart02 spiderman_coloringart03 spiderreturns_serial_poster Oh, one non-Spidey thing, this poster for The Spider Returns! Spidey1973B Spidey1973F But here we go, with this 1973 Spider-Man coin/medallion! spidey_70seraser 1970s Spidey Eraser! spidey_78bank 1978 Spidey Bank! spidey_78plushknickerbocker 1978 Knickerbocker plush Spidey! spidey_8mm Spidey Home Movie! spidey_actionpack1 This Spidey Action Pack is something I'd never seen before! spidey_actionpack2 spidey_actionpack3 The idea that you'd be role-playing Peter Parker is unusual, isn't it? spidey_ahi_buggy The AHI Spider-Man Buggy is probably the closest toy to the Spider-Mobile we eversaw! spidey_ahiparachutist Spidey Parachutist! spidey_ahircboat80.JPG RC boat, just like the one Spidey never used in the comics! spidey_ahispinoutcar Spin-Out Car, just like the one Spidey never used in the comics! spidey_ahisquirtgun Water Gun, just like the one Spidey... oh, never mind! spidey_argenitnaglider1spidey_argentinaglider2 Argentina Glider! spidey_buddylcopter Buddy L Spider-Copter! spidey_carboatahi Car and Boat Trailer! spidey_costumeitaly1 spidey_costumeitaly2 spidey_costumeitaly3 spidey_costumeitaly4 You know, I've made light of how Italian posters for monster movies are way, way off... but damn, they made great costumes for kids! I've posted their FF uniform before, and here's their Spidey costume, and isn't that just way better than what Ben Cooper did? spidey_drawingmachine1 spidey_drawingmachine2 Drawing Machine! spidey_figuralrecord Figural Record! spidey_gummaccup2 spidey_gummachcup1 This mini cup came out of a vending machine! spidey_handSpidey Hand! spidey_italianflyingfigure.jpg Italian Flying Spider-Man Figure! Hmm, that kind of puts them back in the "mock this stuff" category again, doesn't it? spidey_italiantargetgame Italian Target Game -- and Spidey's the target?!?!? spidey_keyringlicenseplate Key Ring and License Plate! spidey_lightpistol.jpg Light Pistol! spidey_megoposter Mego poster! spidey_paintnpuff1 spidey_paintnpuff2 Paint and Puff Set! spidey_playsuit1.JPGspidey_playsuit2.JPG spidey_playsuit3.JPG Ben Cooper Play Suit! spidey_popup Pop-Up Book! spidey_postcardorsomething This must've been some kind of foreign post card, eh? spidey_ricochetracers.JPG Richochet Racers set! spidey_spidercopter Spider-Copter! Should I just go ahead and start up with the "Just like Spidey used in the comics" joke again, or just let it go? spidey_stingrayremco1 spidey_stingrayremco2 Remco Sting-Ray Gun! spidey_sw_rcracerbuddyl Buddy L Secret Wars Remote Control Racer! spidey_switchplate Switchplate! spidey_trainset Spider-Man Train -- sorry, I can't resist -- just like the one he had in the comics! spidey_valuestamposter And we'll finish off this all-Spidey installment with this poster, which you could get with your Marvel Value Stamps!

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