Monday, October 15, 2012

Cool Stuff!

squirtpota_galensquirtgun_ahi squirtpota_zaiuswatergun_ahi First up this time around is squirt guns, and here's Galen and Dr. Zaius squirt guns from AHI! squirtthunderbirds_squirtgun And the only other squirt guns are these Thunderbirds squirt gun pistols! st_dancurtisgiveaways So, it must be time for Star Trek stuff now! Above, are two Dan Curtis giveaways based on Gold Key comics! st_enterprisemodel This may have been the first issue Enterprise model from AMT! st_pota_themerecord Never saw this theme song record before... Trek, POTA, Batman and Superman? I would've been all over this if I'd seen it when I was a kid! st_sleepingbag.JPG Oh, yeah, I would've so wanted this Trek sleeping bag when I was a kid! st_spockkite How logical is a Mr. Spock kite? st_ukcommunicator1 st_ukcommunicator2 And here's the UK version of Remco's Star Trek communicators! Wow, that wasn't a lot of Trek stuff, was it? standupdcsh_standups DC Superheroes Standups! stardustgreenhornet_stardust1 stardustgreenhornet_stardust2 Green Hornet Stardust set! stardustsuperman_stardust1 Superman Stardust Set! Oh, I know what you're thinking, "Why wasn't the DC Standup picture with other DC stuff weeks ago, and the Green Hornet Stardust thing should've been with the G's, and Superman stuff should be later in this post... and what was up with the squirt guns together?" Well, here's the deal: I'd forgotten to alphabetize this volume of cool stuff photos until AFTER I'd added a lot of these to my Toy Spotlight files, and then renamed them there so they'd sort together... so when I sorted things here, stuff got sorted differently than normal! All should be well again the next volume! And without further ado... starshipinvasions_lc1 Starship Invasions Lobby Card! strangeadventures_mexican275 Strange Adventures Mexican Edition! superbabybatman_superbabymarx Batman Superbaby! superbabyspiderman_superbaby Spider-Man Super-Baby! superheroes_assorted Some assorted superhero stuff here! That Super Adventures record is one I can't believe Peter Pan got away with, mixing Spidey with the DC characters! I'd alsolike to point out the Hulk book and record set -- it's a re-release of the earlier one, that was done in comic book size, "The Incredible Hulk At Bay"! I actually came across a copy of this very record at the last Emerald City Comic-Con, but it was too pricey for my tastes. I've never seen that Spidey pop-up book or that Hulk poster outside of this one auction! superheroes_assorted2 Another batch of assorted stuff here, and I'm not sure this seller really thought things through before putting these up for sale as a lot -- I would've gone for the three coloring books together, but I didn't have any interest in the Batman cereal, the MicroVerse playset, or whatever that Marvel Universe thing was! superjoe_luminos Well, maybe I won't get to Superman stuff until next time... because here's Super Joe stuff, which was sort of an interim line of toys after Hasbro gave up on the original 12" GI Joe line, but years before the "Real American Hero" series started. Here's Luminos! superjoe_rocketcommand And the Rocket Command Center! superman-batman_menko OK, so I guess we'll get some Superman stuff in here, after all -- I expected more Super Joe items! Anyway, this is a Superman and Batman "Menko" card game from Japan! superman_1940idealfigure 1940 Ideal Toys Superman Figure! superman_47records 1947 Superman Records! superman_50silverware Superman silverware from 1950! superman_63kite 1963 Superman Kite! superman_64coloring 1964 Superman Coloring Book! superman_66coloringa1 1966 Superman Coloring Book! superman_75coloring superman_75coloringlostland 1975 Superman Coloring Books! superman_78knickerbockerfigure 1978 Knickerbocker figure! superman_80coloring 1970 Coloring Book! There'll be more Superman stuff here in 10 days!

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