Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cool Stuff!

Superman_actiontransfers First up in what I'm anticipating will be all Superman items, it's Action Transfers! superman_amazingworldbanner Metropolis, Ill. pennant! superman_argentinasoccer.jpg You had to know sooner or later we'd get a Superman Soccer figure from Argentina! superman_buckle1.JPG superman_buckle2.JPG A couple of cool belt buckles! superman_bumpersticker Bumper Sticker! superman_coasters Coasters! superman_costume Ben Cooper Costume! superman_costumes1.JPG Superman and Supergirl Costumes! superman_costumes2.JPG superman_costumes3.JPG superman_dairycalendar1 All-star Dairies Calendar! superman_easyshow Easy Show Movie Projector Cartridge! superman_flying79mexico.JPG 1979 Flying Superman toy from Mexico! superman_frametraysuperman_frametraypuzzle Frame-Tray Puzzles! superman_gumballrihg Vending Machine Ring! superman_ironon Iron-On Insignia guarded by a plastic figure! superman_japanfigure.jpg Japanese Figure! superman_japanpapergame Japanese game! superman_japanrecord Japanese book and record set! superman_kelloggspremiumring Kelloggs Premium Ring! superman_knockoff Mego Knockoff! superman_manga Superman Japanese Comic Book! superman_mexican003superman_mexican03superman_mexican379superman_mexican549 Superman Mexican Comics! superman_mexlc superman_mexlc2 superman_mexlc3 Mexican lobby cards for theatrical airings of the George Reeves Adventures of Superman episodes! superman_moviepins Superman: The Movie Pins! superman_moviepuzzzle Superman: The Movie Puzzle! superman_nutcracker Superman Nutcracke! superman_patch1 superman_patch2 superman_patch3 superman_patch4 Superman Family Patches! I really should've bid on these when I had the chance... superman_pepsiplacemat1 superman_pepsiplacemat2 Double-sided Pepsi Placemat! superman_placemat Single Sided Placemat! superman_playsuit1.jpg superman_playsuit2.jpg Why, it's another release of the "Oh, this isn't all that accurate" Superman playsuit! superman_pogalball_hasbro.jpg superman_pogoball88 Hasbro's Pogo Ball! superman_quizzmachine1 superman_quizzmachine2 Superman Electronic Question and Answer Machine! superman_quoitset Superman Quoit Set! superman_ring Looks like another vending machine ring! superman_rubons64-1 superman_rubons64-2 superman_rubons64-3 superman_rubons64-4 Superman Rub-Ons from 1964! superman_skihat.JPG Superman Ski Hat! superman_sp_belt Super Powers Belt! superman_spanishcapgun Spanish Cap Gun! superman_stamps Super hero Stamps! superman_stardust2 superman_stardust3 superman_stardust4 Stardust Set! superman_stickerbookart01 superman_stickerbookart02 superman_stickerbookart03 superman_stickerbookart04 superman_stickerbookart05 superman_stickerbookart06 superman_stickerbookart07 superman_stickerbookart08 superman_stickerbookart09 superman_stickerbookart10 superman_stickerbookart11 superman_stickerbookart12 superman_stickerbookart13 Sticker Book Original Art! superman_stickerbookart14 Wow, that was a long post... and there's a few more Superman items to come, next time!

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