Sunday, October 14, 2012

Countdown to Halloween: Monster Cards!

A mixed bag of cards this time, some of which may have been posted in previous years!

laffs 062 macanihaveadrinkofwater
laffs 044 thepetshopmadeamistake
laffs 054 thegarbagemenmustbeonstrike
laffs 036 okayyoucanborrowthecar
laffs 031 breakmydisheswillyou
laffs 025 imarestlesssleeper
laffs 024 smileyoureoncandidcamera
laffs 016 hewinkedatme
laffs 014 illcrashthisparty
laffs 008 mommyihadanightmare
green 017 mole people
green 020 werewolf of london
green 022 man from planet x
green 023 curse of the faceless man
green 016 the headless ghost
laffs 042 ilosemyheadatparties
laffs 013 you got a cavity in that molar
laffs 046 mother please id rather do it myself
laffs 033 hey youre my girl friend
laffs 020 my ice cream melted
laffs 040 lets be friends
laffs 055 what are you staring at
laffs 003 you should see me when im angry
laffs 065 this beach used to be so crowded
laffs 018 gosh its past my bedtime
laffs 027 im just falling apart
laffs 060 he looks comfortable

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