Saturday, October 13, 2012

Countdown to Halloween: Monster Stuff!

invisibleghost_poster This time around, we start with this poster for The Invisible Ghost! invisibleinvaders_poster Invisible Invaders poster above, still below! invisibleinvaders_still1 invisibleman_lc1invisibleman_poster1 The Invisible Man lobby card and poster above, still below! invisibleman_still1 invisiblemanreturns_french The Invisible Man Returns French poster! invisibleray_lc1 The Invisible Ray lobby card above, still below! invisibleray_still1 invisiblewoman_lc2 invisiblewoman_rlc2 invisiblewoman_rlc6 invisiblewoman_rlc7 The Invisible Woman lobby cards above, pressbook and still below! invisiblewoman_pb1 invisiblewoman_still1 islandofterror3 Island of Terror lobby card! itcamefrombeneath_lc1 It Came From Beneath the Sea lobby card! itconquered_mexlc It Conquered the World Mexican Lobby Card above, still below! itconquered_still1 ittheterror_still ittheterror_still1 It! The Terror From Outer Space stills! iwalkedwithzombie_lc1 iwalkedwithzombie_lc2 I Walked With a Zombie lobby cards above, poster and stills below! iwalkedwithzombie_poster1 iwalkedwithzombie_still1 iwalkedwithzombie_still2 iwalkedwithzombie_still3 iwalkedwithzombie_still4


  1. Fans of Ken Strickfadden's electical apparatus will recognize both pieces in "Invisible Woman" as also appearing in "Frankenstein neets the Wolf Man", "House of Frankenstein, and "House of Dracula".


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