Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cover Redux!

493 First up this time, we have Incredible Hulk #157 and Marvel Super-Heroes #105! This is a prime example of how coloring can make a cover look completely different! The lighter green on the Hulk in the reprint almost makes it look like he was redrawn instead of reprinted and recolored! Oh, there are changes... to eliminate the frame on the original cover, the Hulk and Jim were shifted down a bit, with the rest of the art extended, and then the text box letters were re-organized. Otherwise, other than the placement of the Hulk's word balloons, I don't see any real changes! 448 Next, Sgt. Fury #35 and one of the reprints, in issue #103! This would've been from the era when Marvel was kind of trying to hide the reprints by doing new cover art, often completely different from the original! Nick's managed to keep more of his shirt intact on the reprint cover, too! 379 Next, Fantastic Four #85 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #67... and it looks to me like the original art got reduced slightly and extended, and then motion lines were added to the Doombots as well as emphasis lines on the background. 056 Next up, it's Amazing Spider-Man #27 and Marvel Tales #22! This one is unusual, as the art got shifted down, but then the Goblin got cut out, flipped, and pasted in a different location, with the blurb going somewhere else -- and completely relettered, to boot! Oh, there's at least one background crook missing -- can you spot him?

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