Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cover Redux!

200 First up in this installment of Cover Redux, it's Sub-Mariner #7 and Tales to Astonish #7... and this is quite unusual -- rather than exactly reprint the original art, they took the Namor pose and used a different background photo! My best guess as to why this was done is because they could do more with cover photos by the time the reprint was done (still nowhere near as good as they could do today, but then, desktop publishing and computer graphics make it much easier). 168 Next up, it's Fantastic Four #64 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #47! Something's up with this cover... because the detail on the Sentry is different! The original had sold blacks, while there's more feathering on the reprint! Plus, the Torch is throwing a fireball on the original, and firing a blast of fire on the reprint. According to the Grand Comics Database, the reprint was printed from an unaltered stat of the original art. I'd have to say I prefer the solid blacks on the original, myself. 466 Next, Sgt. Fury #56 and the reprint in #151... and here, the main difference seems to be that Gabriel's skin is colored correctly on the reprint! There's something else going on, though, because Nick's face should be covered by the UPC code, yet it looks like the art is shifted down! Ah, I see it now... Gabe's been moved down, while the rest of the Howlers stayed where they are! 123 And finally, Amazing Spider-Man #60 and Marvel Tales #43! Here we have a bit of a quandry... the Kingpin and Spidey have been rotated clockwise slightly, with speed lines added to the original, and the background color changed. Yet, the blurb on the bottom has been moved up, and possibly enlarged a bit, to boot! I've noticed this kind of thing happened a lot when the original art had stuff over the logo!

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