Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

Jack Kirby's work often had a sense of humor present -- think about some of the sequences in Fantastic Four, for example, like the Thing trying on a Beatle wig -- so I like to think he really enjoyed doing silly stuff on occasion like this, the cover of Not Brand Echh #1! Notice all the standard Kirby touches done askew!

Up next, another first issue, this one Amazing Adventures #1, with Kirby doing the Inhumans half! Not a bad cover, but not a great one, either... I mean, all the elements are there, it just doesn't grab me, you know?

Next, Black Magic #27, which is a great example of how Kirby could draw in any genre! That woman is positively frightening!

Super Powers #3 wraps up this installment, and like the last one, I think this may be the second mini-series, although I could be wrong (It's long been a bone of contention with me that DC couldn't make them easily distinguishable).

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