Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up in this installment is Tales to Astonish #46 -- you know, you'd think it would be hard to design a cover with a giant creature and two miniature humans and have them all visible and distinguishable, but check this out -- using forced perspective, Kirby pulled it off!

Next, Tales of Suspense #37 -- man, I want to read this story! But since I can't, let's dig the Kirbytech on this cover... and not worry overmuch why so many Marvel characters have a green and purple color scheme, okay?

Next, it's Black Cat Mystic #59, and something looks off about this cover, like Kirby didn't quite finish it before it got inked! The characters just don't seem to fit correctly, like they're children playing adult parts, given the proportions. Of course, this wouldn't be the last time Kirby would do a cover with someone erasing himself, right?

It's about time we got a "Goes Wild!" cover here, and this is Captain America #106! Man, this cover has haunted me for years and years and years, because it was an image used for either a T-shirt or poster in some old comic ad, and I couldn't read the words "Cap Goes" on it, just "Wild!", and I wasn't familiar with the original cover for some time, so I wondered for a long time just what the heck this was about (it didn't help that in the old ad, the duplicate Steve Rogers was colored very yellowish, making him appear to be some kind of alien or monster). I just love how Kirby made this fight so big that it's barely contained by the cover!

And lastly, here's Strange Tales #151, with the amazing pairing of Kirby and Steranko -- that is just awesome beyond awesome!

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