Saturday, November 17, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: Super Juniors and Super Babies!

Yes, I'm going to group these together, and I'm only using the DC characters for this! batman_superjuniorbatman_robin_superjrsqueaksuperman_superjr.JPG Batma, Robin and Superman Super Jr. squeaky toys! superjrdcsh_superjrs And here's Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman squeakys! superjrbatman_superjr_boxsuperman_superjrbox Batman and Superman Super Jr. Figure! batman_superjrs_placemat78 Batman Super Jrs. Placemat from 1978! dcsh_superjr_batmandcsh_superjr_flashdcsh_superjr_superman dcsh_superjrscardboard2.jpgdcsh_superjrscardboard1.jpg Super Jr. Cardboard Cut-Outs! dcsh_superjrssleepingbag Super Jrs. Cutouts! dcsh_superjrs_rodeofab.jpg Super Jrs. Fabric! dcsh_superjrs_flashcards2dcsh_superjrs_flashcards1 Super Jrs. Flash Cards! dcsh_superjrs_candyboxes1 dcsh_superjrs_candyboxes2 Super Jrs. Candy Boxes! batman_superbaby Batman Superbaby! dcsh_shazamsuperbaby Shazam Superbaby! superbabydcsh_superbabyww.jpg Wonder Woman Superbaby! superman_superbaby.JPG Superman Superbaby!

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