Thursday, November 29, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: The Teen Titans!

Yes, it's the Titans turn in the spotlight, and we'll just get the Megos out right away! mego8bat_robinmego12_robin mego8titans_aqualad_front mego8titans_kidflash mego8titans_speedy_loose.JPG mego8titans_wondergirl slurpee_73aqualadslurpee_73wondergirl Slurpee Cups from 1973! teentitans36_pg39_cardy.JPG teentitans36_pg40_cardy.JPG teentitans36_pg41_cardy.JPG teentitans36_pg43_cardy.JPG teentitans36_pg44_cardy.JPG teentitans36_pg45_cardy.JPG teentitans36_pg46_cardy.JPG Pages from Teen Titans #36, by Nick Cardy! teentitans14_unkn_cardy.JPG A page from Teen Titans #14, by Cardy! teentitans19_03_kanewood.jpg Page 3 from Teen Titans #19, by Gil Kane and Wally Wood! teentitans26_pgunkn_cardy A page from Teen Titans #26, by Cardy! teentitans09_01_novick-cardy Page 1 from Teen Titans #9, by Irv Novick and Cardy! dclicensing_33_starfiredclicensing_38_cyborg dclicensing_36_changelingdclicensing_22_kidflash dclicensing_06_robindclicensing_14_raven dclicensing_18_nightwingdclicensing_37_wondergirl Licensing art by Mike DeCarlo! teentitans51_20_heck And finally, here's page 20 from Teen Titans #51, by Don Heck!

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