Sunday, November 18, 2012

Comic Book Ads!


Here's another ad from Alarming Tales #1, and since there are two ads on this page, let's look at each! First, the Automatic Firing Tripod Machine Gun -- man, I thought the BB Gun ads were bad, but this is an actual pellet-firing machine gun, and it trumpets that it "Develops Deadly Target Skill!" What's worse, though, that one or the miniature secret camera below that encourages you to take pictures without people knowing? alarmingtales01_34 I've never heard of this magician... but it does show you that the so-called "masked magician" (or whatever his name was) who was showing how magic tricks are performed on TV wasn't the first to do this... I don't know if anyone really sued this guy, for that matter! alarmingtales01_35 Yes, it's yet another of the body-building ads that used to be a mainstay of comics! I wonder if anyone's tallied up just how many different systems were advertised? alarmingtales01_36 And here's one final ad from this issue... it's got Yogi Berra in it, and it's like the "sell greeting cards" ads, except this promotes you selling White Cloverine Brand Salve! I've never heard of this brand before, but apparently they're still making it today!

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