Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cool Stuff!

Wow, this should've been the set of stuff to run last time, five days before my birthday, as it begins right away with stuff I would've wanted! timemachinegerlc1 timemachinegerlc10 timemachinegerlc12 Time Machine German lobby cards, with more after the jump! timemachinegerlc13 timemachinegerlc14 timemachinegerlc15 timemachinegerlc2 timemachinegerlc3 timemachinegerlc4 timemachinegerlc5 timemachinegerlc6 timemachinegerlc7 timemachinegerlc8 timemachinegerlc9 timetravelersXos The Time Travelers poster! tobor2 Tobor the Great Lobby Card! tootsietoyflashgordon_tootsietoyset This Flash Gordon set from Tootsie Toy would always be welcome on my shelves! underdog_73puzzleart Underdog 1973 puzzle original art! underdog_glass2underdog_pollyglass1 Underdog Glasses! underdog_magicslate Underdog Magic Slate! underdog_slidepuzzle Underdog Sliding Puzzle! underdog_tattoos Underdog Temporary Tattoos! unexpected_mexican066unexpected_mexican111 Two issues of the Mexican edition of The Unexpected! unknownworld_stills1 unknownworld_stills2 The Unknown World stills! VALLEYOFTHEDRAGONSTC Valley of the Dragons poster! vertibirdgalactica_mattelvertibird OK, this is something I didn't even know existed -- a Battlestar Galactica version of Mattel's Verti-Bird toy! Very cool! vmbullwinkle_viewmaster1 vmbullwinkle_viewmaster2 Time for some View-Master goodies! I may have this Bullwinkle set... vmdcsh_viewmasters Good Guys Gift Pack! vmmsh_hulk_viewmaster.jpg And the Hulk finishes this short set of View-Master goodies! voodooheartbeat_poster Next a poster for Voodoo Heartbeat... which would normally be part of Monster Stuff, but that's going to be folded into the regular "Cool Stuff" anyway soon... wargodsofdeep_stills1 wargodsofdeep_stills2 War-Gods of the Deep stills! WARLORDSOFATLANTISwarlordsofatlantis_poster Warlords of Atlantis posters! warofsatellites_stills1 warofsatellites_stills2 War of the Satellites stills! WAROFTHEWORLDS70SR War of the Worlds reissue poster above, French poster below! warofworlds_french warofworlds_stills1 warofworlds_stills2 War of the Worlds stills! waspwoman_stills1 waspwoman_stills2 The Wasp Woman stills! wb_coolcat_bank1wb_daffy_bank Warner Brothers banks! whenworldscollide3s2 When Worlds Collide poster above, stills below! whenworldscollide_stills1 whenworldscollide_stills2 WILDWILDPLANET The Wild, Wild Planet poster! zorro_jaymar And we finish off this post -- as well as Volume 16 of Cool Stuff photos -- with this Jaymar puzzle featuring Zorro!

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