Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cool Stuff!

Time for a new volume of Cool Stuff pictures! 75comiconprogram1 75comiconprogram2 75comiconprogram3 75comiconprogram4 75comiconprogram5 And this edition leads off with pages from the 1975 Comicon Program book! 76_marvel_blackgoliath76_marvel_blade 76_marvel_cyclops76_marvel_daredevil 76_marvel_galactus76_marvel_goliath 76_marvel_invisiblegirl76_marvel_killraven 76_marvel_punisher76_marvel_sonofsatan 76_marvel_spiderman76_marvel_tigra 76_marvel_warlock 1976 Marvel Topps Stickers! 8_riddler_fistfighting Mego Fist-Fighting riddler! 8_waynefoundation Wayne Foundation playset by Mego! 8mm_tarzan_japan 8mm Tarzan movie from Japan, with sound! advsofcaptmarv_8mm The Adventures of Captain Marvel in condensed version on 8mm! archie_coloring Archie Coloring Book! archie_coloringart1 archie_coloringart2 Archies Activity Book Original Art! archie_jugheadcoloring Jughead Coloring Book! archie_puzzleart69 1969 Puzzle Original Art! aurora_prehistoric_cromagnons Hey, when I focused on the Prehistoric Scenes back in April, did I show these pictures? Cromagons above, Spiked Dinosaur Below? aurora_prehistoric_spikeddino aurora_prehistoricscenes_caveaurora_prehistoricscenes_cromagnon How about the Cave and Cro-Magnon Man boxes? Did I show those? avengers_soundtrack Avengers Soundtrack! No, not the Marvel characters, John Steed and Emma Peel! OK, this next set of items (which will be the last stuff for this post) may be something I've posted here back in December of last year... so if you've seen it before, you can go on... and if you haven't... enjoy these 1966 Bat-Laffs cards! BatCardsBatLaffs1966-001-008a BatCardsBatLaffs1966-001-008b BatCardsBatLaffs1966-009-016a BatCardsBatLaffs1966-009-016b BatCardsBatLaffs1966-017-024a BatCardsBatLaffs1966-017-024b BatCardsBatLaffs1966-025-032a BatCardsBatLaffs1966-025-032b BatCardsBatLaffs1966-033-040a BatCardsBatLaffs1966-033-040b BatCardsBatLaffs1966-041-048a BatCardsBatLaffs1966-041-048b BatCardsBatLaffs1966-049-055a BatCardsBatLaffs1966-049-055b

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