Friday, November 09, 2012

Cover Redux!

019 First up this time around, we've got Daredevil #26 and Marvel Adventure #5... and the only thing I can really see (outside of the usual coloring differences) are the blurbs on the bottom being shifted over. Maybe the art was reduced slightly and added to on the left. 166 Next, we have Fantastic Four #62 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #45... wow, I really prefer the original to the reprint! For starters, the coloring's more subtle... and as a bonus, there's not all the extra word balloons added! 221 Here's something really different! We've got Avengers #54 on the left, and Marvel Triple Action #47 on the right... and it's almost the exact same scene, but from a different angle! Too bad that when the artist was drawing it, he forgot to put the Masters of Evil in the correct order, eh? 052 And finally, Amazing Spider-Man #24 and the reprint in issue #19... I'm not sure why the extra areas of black were added to the cover... or why they did entirely new blurbs, for that matter! OK, so there was no point in the MMMS promo...

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