Monday, November 19, 2012

Cover Redux!

456 So, just as a reminder, this feature is where I compare the original cover of a Marvel comic and the comic that issue was reprinted in, and try to look for differences beyond the usual coloring variations. For example, here was have Sgt. Fury #40 and the reprint in issue #113. Now, I'm not going to care about the coloring, as different colorists have different tastes (although I think the original is better colored than the reprint), and I'm not going to point out that there's a new logo on the book... that's not what I'm looking for. What I am looking for are things like the hand grenade that Dum-Dum Dugan's thrown -- because now it suddenly has motion lines indicating that it was thrown by Dum-Dum... why did someone think this needed to be added? I have no idea! I don't see any other changes, though. 329 Next, Incredible Hulk #114 and Marvel Super-Heroes #68... and at first, it appears that there was just some new drawing done over the original, right? I mean, you think it's just the figure of the Hulk that's changed... but I say thee Nay! The Betty figure is entirely new, and there are differences in the Mandarin, too. The Grand Comics Database says the cover has been "heavily reworked, possibly by Cockrum." Well, I'd agree with that, because that Hulk definitely looks like Cockrum's work to me. I have no idea why they needed so much reworking done, however... I mean, just about all that wasn't changed was the figure of the Sandman! 115 Next, Fantastic Four #32 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #24 -- The only real diferences between these are that the original's been reduced slightly, and some art added to the left, plus the two remaining blurbs were both reduced (one much more than the other) and shifted to accommodate the larger MGC logo. Again, I prefer the original's coloring. 067 Next, Amazing Spider-Man #47 and Marvel Tales #33... there's been one new Spider-Man figure added to this cover, and most of the art has been shrunken, with the small Spidey figures moved slightly. It looks otherwise to be a straight reprint.... but I'm only about 99.999% sure of that... there are subtle things from one Kraven to the next, things I can't specifically identify... maybe it's the lack of coloring finesse on the reprint cover, but they look slightly different to my eyes!

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