Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cover Redux!

024 Here's a prime example of how coloring can make a cover look completely different... Sgt. Fury #23, and the reprint in #125. Since I can't see any actual art changes, I'm just going to talk about the coloring... compare the original to the reprint, and if you ask me, the original had the best coloring. Oh, and I've just noticed an art change... more smoke got added around "The Man Who FAiled!" blurb! 275 Next, Amazing Spider-Man #89, and the reprint in Marvel Tales #70. Aside from some stuff being cropped out in the first tier, I'm hard pressed to positively identify any other art change, aside from the "Doc Ock Lives!" blurb being eliminated. 197 Wow, Sub-Mariner #3 and Tales to Astonish #3, why did someone think they needed to add those extra buildings in the background? Wasn't it enough to move the one blurb? 234 And finally, here's X-Men #34, and the reprint in #82. There's many motion lines and impact lines added, although I'm not sure why -- same goes for the added word balloon, and the extended sword blade on the android!

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