Monday, November 12, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Hector the Bulldog!

Breed: Bulldog
Original Appearances: “Peck Up Your Troubles,” 1945

Other Appearances: The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, The Looney Toons Show

Biography: Hector, usually shown as Granny's pet, is most often seen as a protector of Tweety Bird, saving him from being eaten by Sylvester (not that Tweety's really needed that much help). Typically, Hector's defense of Tweety involves his immense strength, although sometimes he does outwit Sylvester (In The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, he was portrayed as strong but dumb, with Sylvester outwitting him regularly). He's also sometimes been called Spike.

Powers: Immense strength.

Group Affiliation: Typically, Granny's household.

Miscellaneous: Hector's second appearance was in A Hare Grows in Manhattan, which starred Bugs Bunny.

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