Friday, November 16, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

Time for more Kirby Kovers! 1482_4_0062.jpg First up, it's Fantastic Four #62, and this is another example of Kirby's using a triangle design for his covers. It's a really nice piece! blackmagic22 Black Magic #22... and another example of how Kirby could do any genre in comics! 1482_4_0064.jpg Fantastic Four #64 -- didn't I just feature this one on Cover Redux in September or October? I love how massive and weighty Kirby makes the Sentry look here... you can't even see the Sentry's face, and he looks threatening! defenders42 Next we have Defenders #42... and I was torn as to whether or not I should include it! You see, around this time, Keith Giffen was drawing the book, and doing a very Kirby vibe (like Buckler originally did at Marvel)... and I don't see Kirby's signature on this cover... and Solarr doesn't look quite right, either. Nor does the whole design of the cover look like Kirby's work, to me. The Grand Comic Book Database says it's Kirby with Klaus Janson inks... but I'm undecided. Anyone want to weigh in on this, and maybe pressure the GCD to change the entry?

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