Monday, November 26, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

Time for some Kirby Kovers! 240779 First up, here's an issue of My Date Comics... hmm, I should've noted the issue number in my notes! Easy enough to find, there were only four issues of this title, and this is issue #3! Anyway, while it's supposed to be a romance comic, there's definitely a lot of humor going on here, with House-Date Harry! 2001n06 Next, it's 2001: A Space Odyssey #6... I'm not sure what Kirby decided when he was offered a regular book based on the movie, but I do recall the issues I read at least started out being kind of a rehashing of plot elements of the movie, until Kirby started getting more cosmic and funky! I don't recall if this was one where he abandoned use of the Monolith or not! 241482 Next, it's Last of the Viking Heroes #1, and the cover is the only thing Kirby did on this title! I've long wondered if he penciled this cover as a favor to Michael Thibodeaux, who'd been his regular inker for some time... 1482_4_0027.jpg Next, Fantastic Four #27 wraps up this installment... Kirby did confrontation covers very well, didn't he? I mean, here's Reed, holding back the Thing and the Human Torch, because he wants to take down Namor himself! And there's Namor, looking all imperious and such!

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