Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monster Stuff!

killershrews_still1 First up this time around, a few stills from "Attack of the Killer Shrews"! kingdinosaur_lc2kingdinosaur_lc3 kingdinosaur_lc4 "King Dinosaur" lobby cards! kissofthevampire30x40 "Kiss of the Vampire" US poster above, Belgium poster below! kissofthevampirenew kong_argentina "King Kong" Argentina poster! kong_coloring King Kong coloring book! kong_lot An assortment of Kong Kollectibles! kong_mexicancomic Mexican version of Gold Key's King Kong Comic Book! kong_mexlc1 kong_mexlc2 King Kong Mexican Lobby Cards! kong_movieviewer King Kong Movie Viewer! kong_poster Kong poster! kong_still1kong_still2 kong_still1 kong_still2 kong_still3 kong_still4 kong_still5 kong_still6 kong_still7 kong_still8 kong_still9 Kong Stills! konga_photobusta1 Konga Italian Lobby Card above, still below! konga_still1 kongescapes_italy King Kong Escapes Italian poster above, Mexican lobby card below! kongescapes_mexlc1 kongescapes_polish King Kong Escapes Polish poster above, still below! kongescapes_still1 kongstory_book King Kong Book! kongvsgodzilla_german The movie title indicates it's King Kong Vs. Godzilla, but it's really the German poster for Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla! kongvsgodzilla_still kongvsgodzilla_stills1 King Kong Vs. Godzilla stills above, poster below! kongvsgodzilla_title kongmonster_poster King Monster poster! kronos_lc Kronos lobby card! ladyandthemonster_poster The Lady and the Monster Poster! landofminotaur_poster Land of the Minotaur Poster! landunknown_poster The Land Unknown Poster! leechwoman The seller of this says it's a Belgium poster for "The Leech Woman"! littleshopofhorrors_still Little Shop of Horrors still! londonaftermid_lc1londonaftermid_lc2 londonaftermid_lc3 London After Midnight lobby cards above, still below! londonaftermid_still1 lostcontinent_mexlc The Lost Continent Mexican Lobby card! lostworld_25_frenchcard The Lost World French film card! lostworld_irwin_lc The Lost World lobby card above, Italian lobby card below! lostworld_irwin_photobusta1 lostworld_irwin_still1 Above, a still from Irwin Allen's version of "The Lost World," and below, stills from the original version! lostworld_still1 lostworld_still2 lostworld_still3 lustforavampire Lust for a Vampire poster! maddrofbloodisland_still The Mad Doctor of Blood Island still! madmagician_argentina The Mad Magician Argentina poster above, stills below! madmagician_sitll2 madmagician_still madmagician_still3 madmonsterparty_mexcomic Mad Monster Party Mexican comic! magicserpent_ad The Magic Serpent ad! manfromplanetx_insert The Man From Planet X insert above, lobby cards below! manfromplanetx_lc1 manfromplanetx_lc2 manfromplanetx_lc3 manfromplanetx_lc4 manfromplanetx_poster Man From Planet X poster above, still below! manfromplanetx_still manmademonster_pb1 And, to wrap things up, the retitled "Man Made Monster" pressbook above, and still below! manmademonster_still1

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