Saturday, November 03, 2012

My Toys: 10" Batman and Green Lantern (Justice League Animated)!

So, have you ever started collecting some toys because you found a few cheap, and afterwards, you can never find them that cheap again and as such, never add any more to that collection?

That's the situation with these beautiful action figures. I think I found Green Lantern first, at a garage sale, for a buck... and unless I'm mistaken, that same weekend, I found Batman at a Goodwill and paid a buck for him, too!

I knew it was a good deal, although I didn't know how good -- I haven't been able to get any of the other Leaguers in this scale because I can't find it in my heart (or wallet) to spend the kind of money people are asking for these! Oh, I looked at Emerald City, and only saw one figure in this series (aside from Batman, that is) at the entire show, and they were asking $30 for that one!

And it's a shame, because I love these figures! Just to give you an idea of how good a deal these were -- as I write this, someone's asking $25 for a Batman (unless I say otherwise, figure these are all in the packages), $19.50 for Aquaman, $35 for Flash, $40 for Wonder Woman, $40 for Hawkgirl, $9.95 for a loose GL, $45 for Martian Manhunter... and no Superman figures. On the other hand, the prices actually paid for these seem to be $15 to $20 each, although someone paid $45.00 for a ten-figure lot that I would've absolutely jumped at). Now, I certainly don't need these mint in package -- I got my first two loose, I might as well stay with that! But for figures that are only nine years old, they're darn hard to find! Heck, 30-year-old GI Joes are more plentiful than that!

Anyway, while I'm writing this, here's my plea: If any of you have other figures in this line that you'd be willing to part with cheap, feel free to post it in the comments, okay?


  1. Would love if you would add me to your blogroll....But no, I do not have any of these. BUT if I do happen to find one in Mexico here I will let you know.

    1. You're added! Still haven't added any more of these but I'm hoping!

  2. i have The Atom & Green Arroow. i think i will buy Martian ManHunter which i saw at the mall before its too late :D
    im from Cebu Philippines by the way :)


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