Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Toys: Secret Wars Doctor Doom!

I think I've alluded in the distant past that, prior to my moving to Wisconsin, I'd managed to amass a pretty decent action figure collection! This included Mego super-heroes and Planet of the Apes figures, Remco monsters, and just about all of the Super Powers and Secret Wars action figures. Sadly, I ended up selling off every one of these during that last year before moving to Wisconsin... or so I thought! The final "purge" of my collection of action figures was a box of stuff I brought to a dealer in Tacoma who was known for paying for cool stuff, and I sold the box of action figures for $500 (probably way less than I could get for it these days). What's really annoying about it isn't what I could sell these for today -- there were about a half-dozen figures in that box that were my customized action figures of my own characters, now forever lost!

I blame Doom, for only he survived this final purging. Oh, he didn't come through with his Secret Shield intact, but somehow, he managed to escape the box with his counterparts, and laid in wait in a box of stuff that somehow got stored in my parents' home (he even managed to get into an assorted box of things that wasn't just my stuff), only to be finally uncovered in the weeks after my father passed away. When he resurfaced, I did not plan on keeping him; after all, Secret Wars toys are ridiculously expensive today, especially compared to the prices I paid in the late 1980s and early 1990s! No way could I afford to recollect that line... so I listed him on eBay -- twice!  Not a single bid for the opening price of $5.00 I listed him for (I think). So, Doom remains on my shelf, the sole survivor of my old action figure collection. I'm sure that when I'm not in my office at home, he's threatening all the figures that I've purchased since then, mocking them and saying, "Doom has survived one onslaught, and Doom shall survive the next!" or something like that.

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  1. Glad you still have Doom! I have none of my Secret Wars nor Super Powers either.


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