Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Toys: Yellow Submarine Beanie!

So, when I was living in Wisconsin with my first wife, Barbara, we kind of entered into a new golden age of Beatles collectibles, with all sorts of new items coming out -- especially stuff based on Yellow Submarine, which was coming out in a new release on home video, with extra footage added in (most notably, the missing "Hey Bulldog" sequence). There were two "beanie baby" type of toys produced -- the Yellow Submarine itself, seen above, and the chief Blue Meanie. I used to have both of them, but after Barbara passed away, and I moved back to Washington, jobs were hard to come by, and I had to sell a bunch of stuff off... so this is what's left of that set of two. Apparently, it didn't sell all that great, as I can't seem to find a current listing for any of these on eBay -- and I'm not interested in selling mine!

It's a remarkable likeness of its animated counterpart, and the attention to detail is striking! I just find myself wishing they'd done versions of the Beatles from the cartoon as well!


  1. How did your wife pass?

    1. The combination of being obese, diabetic, and dealing with a sub-dermal necrosis (like a flesh-eating bacteria) and the treatment for the latter was more than her body could take... At least, that's my theory.


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