Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Toy Spotlight: Jay Ward Bendys!

bendy_bullwinkle_whamo4pack2 bendy_bullwinkle_whamo4pack1
The Toy Spotlight this time around starts shining on Bendys - those rubber toys with wires inside that allow you to pose them - and these are some extremely cool ones that were manufactured by Wham-O! I mean, just check these out! The likenesses are about as perfect as you can ask for (at least for the era they were made in), the only real issue is the scale -- Rocky should be much shorter than Bullwinkle, for example. But they're still very, very cool, and I would love to have both of these sets!

One cool thing about them that may not be immediately apparent is that the packaging for these is intended to resemble a television set! We're so accustomed to modern TVs with no knobs it's easy to forget what TVs looked like. You can also kind of see from the side of the packages that they came with backdrops for playing with your bendys in!

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