Saturday, November 17, 2012

Toy Spotlight: Mego Bend n Flex Superheroes!

Mego expanded their line of World's Greatest Super-Heroes (as well as other lines, but we'll get to those another time) with their Bend N Flex line!

bendy_aquaman.jpg bendy_batgirl_loose.JPG bendy_batman.jpg bendy_batrobinjoker.JPG bendy_captainamerica.jpg bendy_catwoman.JPG bendy_megoset1.JPG bendy_megoset2.JPG bendy_megoset3.JPG bendy_megoset4.JPG bendy_pengionmegobendy_penguincard2 bendy_robin.jpg bendy_shazam.jpg bendy_spiderman bendy_supergirl_loose.JPG bendy_superman.jpg bendy_tarzan.jpg bendy_wonderwoman_loose.jpg As you might've noticed, the Super Gals figures are the hardest to find these days in the card. It's kind of funny, but with all the retro-Mego-style toys that've been made the past few years, nobody's looking at reissuing the Bend-N-Flex stuff!

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