Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cover Redux!

First up this time is Avengers #61, and the reprint in Marvel Super Action #22! Of course, you'll immediately note that the image has been flipped for the reprint (because of the UPC code -- good thing all the Avengers here have costumes that aren't affected by a flip!). The recoloring, in this case, actually works better for me on the reprint, but I digress. I actually don't see anywhere that has the art altered in any way, aside from perhaps a bit of enlarging.

From the time when Marvel was trying to hide that their reprint books were reprint books... here's Fantastic Four #50 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #37! Now, you guys know that I have always been a big fan of Gil Kane's work, but come on -- they commissioned a new cover instead of using the classic Jack Kirby cover? I mean, this Surfer image was even reused for one of those paperback book collections! And it seems obvious to me that Gil hadn't quite got a handle on drawing Mr. Fantastic in action here (which is odd, as he did fine drawing Plastic Man for DC in the 1960s).

Next, we have Amazing Spider-Man #31, and Marvel Tales #24! Now, this is a weird one, because it's clearly not a reprint of the original cover... yet looking at the Grand Comics Database, they're saying it is... so I'm going to posit a few ideas here: 1) It's an unused cover that Stan didn't care for originally, but figured he'd use it for this reprint, 2) It's an enlargement of an interior panel, or 3) (extremely unlikely) Stan managed to sweettalk Ditko into doing one final Spidey cover just for this reprint. I'm going to go with one of the first two, personally.

Next up, it's Incredible Hulk #142 and the reprint in Marvel Super Heroes #93! Offhand, I'd say that the only real change was the shifting of the image up, and adding it to the bottom. Any other changes can easily be attributed to the photostat causing some details to become less fine or lost.

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