Thursday, December 06, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

The first Kirby Kover this week is Marvel Premiere #31, featuring Woodgod... and I guess that if you're going for bizarre in the 1970s, Kirby was the go-to guy at Marvel!

Next, it's Fantastic Four #74... did I already feature this on "Cover Redux"? Note how the flight paths of the Surfer and the green dude help pull the eye in... and that's an epic Galactus shot!

Next, Tales to Astonish #101, and if the Hulk is visiting Asgard, who else are you going to get to draw the cover, even if it looks like someone (Marie Severin?) redrew the Hulk's head

Finally, it's Gunsmoke Western #74, with Kid Colt, Outlaw! That posse pursuing him is sure taking chances, with one of them shooting at the rock while the sheriff's right there!

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