Sunday, December 09, 2012

My Toys: Hulk Figure!

IMG_0416One of the cool things about going to Archie McPhee's in Seattle is that you never quite know what you're going to find there! For the uninitiated, Archie McPhee's is kind of the store version of the old Johnson-Smith ads in the comics, plus lots and lots more. There's novelties of all sorts, plastic figures beyond imagining... you really have to go there if you're in the Seattle area!

So, a few years back, my wife, the kids and I were in Seattle and we stopped at Archie's, and that's where I found this Hulk figure for a buck! He came with this two-piece brick wall, and you could pull his arm back and let it go to smash the wall in half. I didn't get it for that reason, of course... I just got it because hey, it's the Hulk, and it was a buck! He's been on my bookshelf since then, along with this Superman: The Animated Series figure on an S-shield base. I think this may have been intended to be used as a cake decoration, but I could well be wrong. This photo's actually just a bit bigger than the actual figure, so you can really see just how much detail the manufacturer put into this! I like it, and it's the only Hulk toy of any kind on my shelves these days.

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