Friday, December 21, 2012

My Toys: Rubber Godzilla Cling Toy!

When I go to comic shows, I don't always look just for cheap comics to read -- although that is  my primary purpose. I also like to look at what fun toys people are selling, and if some cool toy is in my price range, I'll get it -- especially if it's a Godzilla toy! Now, this particular toy is one I've posted photos of from eBay auctions, so I recognized it immediately  (even if I don't know much about it specifically). It's a nice little Godzilla toy, even if the dorsal fins are almost nonexistent. The arms are on a spring mechanism, so you can squeeze his shoulders and make him grab on to just about anything. This was a very lucky purchase on my part, he was a buck at the 2011 Portland Comic Book Show!

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