Friday, January 25, 2013

Comic Reading Library Week: Ghostly Tales #63!

ghostlytales63_01 ghostlytales63_03 ghostlytales63_04 ghostlytales63_05 ghostlytales63_06 ghostlytales63_07 ghostlytales63_08 ghostlytales63_09 ghostlytales63_10 ghostlytales63_11 ghostlytales63_12 ghostlytales63_13 ghostlytales63_15 ghostlytales63_16 ghostlytales63_17 ghostlytales63_18 ghostlytales63_19 ghostlytales63_20 ghostlytales63_21 ghostlytales63_22 ghostlytales63_24 ghostlytales63_25 ghostlytales63_26 ghostlytales63_27 ghostlytales63_28 ghostlytales63_29 ghostlytales63_31 ghostlytales63_32

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  1. Who drew the first story? The pencils appear to be by Nicholas, though some of the layouts are unusual for him. That sure isn't Alascia inking.

    The cover reminds me that Rocco Mastroserio was a capable artist who seldom got the chance to show his stuff. He really hit his stride at Warren.


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