Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Cool Stuff!

We're starting off with some more Batman stuff this time around! batman_foreigncoloring And here's a Batman coloring book, either Mexican or Spanish I think... don't know any more about it than this! batman_foreignpuppets A dynamic duo of puppets from somewhere outside of the USA (I really should've noted the country of origin, eh?). batman_game1 batman_game2 Next, we have a Batman game from Hasbro... note that while the box art was (then) updated art, the interior art featured more vintage (circa 1966) stuff, maybe even earlier, marking this as a reissue! batman_giantcoloringart1 batman_giantcoloringart2 batman_giantcoloringart3 Original art for a Batman Giant Book to Color... batman_giantcoloringjoker batman_giantcolorpenguin And here's a couple of the actual coloring books! You'll recognize at least the Penguin one, which I featured in a CBT installment last year! batman_glider1 batman_glider2 batman_gliderplane1975 Batman Glider Plane from 1975! batman_greetcard1batman_greetcard2 Batman Greeting Cards! batman_hawkmanbat_coloring Here's another Batman coloring book, that I've only seen in this one auction! I suspect it may have been manufactured outside of the USA, but I could be wrong. batman_hulk_erasers Batman and Hulk Erasers!batman_italianslotcar batman_inflatablebatplane This is a pretty cool inflatable Batplane, if you ask me! batman_inflatablechair On the other hand, this inflatable TV chair is a bit odd to me! batman_italiancostume Italian Batman costume! batman_italianposter Italian Batman Poster! batman_italianslotcar Italian Batmobile Slot Car! batman_japangun Japanese Batman Pop Gun! batman_japaninflatable1 batman_japaninflatable2 Inflatable Batman from Japan! batman_japanpencilsharpener Japanese Batman Pencil Sharpener! batman_japanspiritcar Apparently this is a Japanese Batman "Spirit Car," whatever that means! batman_japantransferbook1 batman_japantransferbook2 Japanese Transfer Book! batman_japanwindupwalkerbandai Bandai Super-Deformed Batman Figure! batman_jointedgiant This Batman Jointed Giant may be the one item in this post that most of us would love to have in our collections! batman_lilzip_ahi Batman Lil Zip Batcycle from AHI! batman_lincolnsquirtgun Batman Squirt Gun by Lincoln International! batman_magazinescreenstories batman_magazinesftv A couple of magazine covers featuring Adam West's Batman! batman_magicbatbook1 batman_magicbatbook2 Batman Magic Bat Book! I wonder if anyone's got scans of one of these anywhere on the web? batman_marxbatmobile Friction Drive Marx Toys Batmobile! batman_marxbendy And we'll wrap up this installment with this Marx Toys Bendable Batman that's seen better days!

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