Friday, January 11, 2013

Cover Redux!

Time for another installment of Cover Redux, in which I look at the original cover of a Marvel comic, as well as the reprint book featuring the same issue, and compare the two covers, looking for differences between the two! 016
First up, we have Daredevil #23 and the reprint in Marvel Adventure 2. Off-hand, it looks like the changes are mainly in the coloring, as well as the usual muddying of details involved when a stat is used for the reprint cover... but look again! There are new speed lines added, coming from Gladiator's shoulder and progressing over his body, as well as around his left-hand spinning sawblade. Of course, there's also the added dialog balloon!

Next, we have Sgt. Fury #57 and the reprint in issue #152. Now, some of the apparent differences are probably due to a darker scan being done of the latter issue (Gabe's skin, as well as Nick and Dugan's uniforms are almost completely black here). But other than that, the original art was shifted down a bit and the overall piece recolored.

Here we have a situation with Incredible Hulk #110 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #64. The image has been reduced a bit, with some added to both the left and right-hand sides of the artwork. But look at Umbu's raised arm, with the wand or whatever is in it... that's been either redrawn or the hand and wand were statted in order to cover up less of the logo!

Here's Amazing Spider-Man #91 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #72. It appears to me that the only real difference is the original art was reduced just slightly, and art added on the left side and bottom (note the extra space below the text at the bottom), as well as the usual recoloring.

We have a similar situation here with Avengers #64 and the reprint in Marvel Super Action #25... the art was reduced slightly, with additions made on the left and right-hand sides, and shifted down. The text at the bottom of the page has been moved to the upper left, and the inevitable recoloring happened.

Same thing's happening here, with Amazing Spider-Man #63 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #46, except that there's no shrinking, just shifting the artwork down. I liked the coloring of the Vultures on the original cover better, myself.

This one took me quite a while to figure out originally... it's X-Men #25 and the reprint in issue #73, and as you can see, there's an entirely new cover done for it!

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  1. I miss those Marvel Super action books. They could reprint them again for REAL cheap..


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