Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kirby Kovers!


First up in this week's edition of Kirby Kovers is the cover for Adventure Comics #77, featuring one of the Simon and Kirby dream covers that they were known so much for with Sandman and Sandy!

Next, we have The Incredible Hulk #3... look how massive the Hulk is presented here... yet nowhere near as over-the-top as modern artists feature him.

Next, Boy Commandos #9... I guess if I were in the position this Japanese soldier found himself in, I'd surrender, too! Of course, the main symbolism here is the Japanese flag in the background, which the Japanese people considered to be the rising sun, while all of the war propaganda here called it a setting sun!

I always get a kick out of Kirby's sci-fi covers... Has there ever been a scientist in comics, pulps, novels or films who ever said, "Hey, wait, this isn't such a good idea, I won't do this experiment after all"?

The Mighty Thor #132, and Thor does some butt-kicking on Rigel! Even without movement, Kirby's covers show movement (if that sounds contradictory, too bad).

I wonder why a demon from another dimension would pick the Spanish word for "devil" as his own name? Good thing for Diablo he didn't make himself known during the windy season, eh?

One of Kirby's lesser romance covers... that couldn't have been very comfortable for the cowgirl costume to embrace the knight in armor, eh?

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