Monday, February 04, 2013

Comic Book Ads!

alltruecrime39_12 This installment's comic ads come from All True Crime #39, and begin with this one for one of those learn piano at home programs... And who the hell says "Su'prise!" didn't the letterer plan properly for the first R? alltruecrime39_13 OK, maybe in some ways I'm becoming a bit of a fuddy-duddy, but I've kind of lost my taste for spending all kinds of money on fireworks every 4th of July (besides, other people are willing to spend the money while I enjoy their fireworks anyway)... so I see an ad like this in an old comic and find myself amazed... I mean, they sold fireworks through the mail?!? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given how many places around the US I've seen that sells fireworks all year round! There was another ad in the same issue: alltruecrime39_33 alltruecrime39_23 I don't see how any bank can make you save a quarter per day, unless it actually follows you around and constantly pesters you to insert a quarter in it each day... alltruecrime39_24 Offered without comment... I mean, I could be really snarky about this, but I'll be nice this time!

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