Friday, February 08, 2013

Cover Redux!

This time around, we're starting with Incredible Hulk #152, and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #100! Here, the original art got statted and slightly enlarged, with some extra force lines added to the top, but other than that, it seems pretty much the same.

Next, Sgt. Fury #50 and the reprint in #145... as you can see, there's an entirely new cover drawn for this reprint (I think this tended to happen for stories that were reprinted more than once). I think this new cover was done by Dave Cockrum, but I could be mistaken.

Next, Daredevil #27 and the reprint in Marvel Adventure #6! Lots of stuff was done here, as you can see! The original art got statted and enlarged, with extra enlargements done to Spider-Man and Daredevil (the Stilt-Man and Marauder figures look to be about the same size), and Foggy and Karen were omitted entirely. Then, the Marauder was moved to the other side, Stilt-Man was shifted over and tilted, and Spidey was likewise shifted and tilted. I'm kind of half-wondering why they didn't just bother to draw a new cover, given all of the work that was needed for the changes, such as the new captions done!

Sgt. Fury #68, when reprinted in issue #162, seems to have been almost entirely left alone. Oh, it was reduced slightly, with a little art added on the left, but even the coloring's pretty close to the original!

With Spider-Man #81 and the reprint in issue #62 of Marvel Tales, it looks like some cutting and pasting was done... the top half, with the buildings and the Kangaroo, is definitely closer to the bottom half, with Spidey and the line of cars, than on the original. Of course, there's also the new balloons. Amusing that the cars were colored the same, while the buildings were changed, eh?

Finally, it's Avengers #55 and the reprint in Marvel Super Action #14. It looks to me as though the original cover art was shrunken a bit, with added details on the left and right sides, so as to make room for the larger logo on top.

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