Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kirby Kovers Week, Day 2!

Today's Kirby Kovers begins with Challengers of the Unknown #7... as good a cover as this is, it's still probably the least effective of Kirby's Challengers covers, eh?

Next up, it's Captain America #126! Now, I'm guessing that there was some repenciling or perhaps just inking by John Romita, at least on the Falcon and maybe on Cap as well, as this doesn't quite look like "pure" Kirby to my eye!

Next up, Star Spangled Comics #23... it's so understated in the foreground that one almost misses the gunman in the background!

I'm guessing that Kirby "only" did the breakdowns on this cover for Spidey Super Stories #24.

Next, Tales to Astonish #90! Usually, Kirby Kovers for this title were for Hulk or Giant-Man stories.... I don't recall him doing many of the Sub-Mariner covers, and it's a shame, because this one is great! It's Asgardian grandeur brought to Atlantis!

Speaking of Asgard, here's Journey into Mystery #108, and this is a nice cover! I don't know if it was planned or not, but note how the arc of Thor's hammer spinning around is about the same size as the circle that Jane Foster is trapped in!

Next, Tales of Suspense #21, which makes me again wish that Kirby had done some Godzilla comics!
Next, Fantastic Four #180... and I wonder if Kirby was glad he was only doing covers for the FF at this point?

And finally, we have Davy Crocket Western Tales #32, which you got to read as a Comic Reading Library installment a few months back!

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  1. Who knew about Kirby doing a Spidey Super Stories cover! However, as you suggest, there is very little of Kirby on there, just the typical action pose Thundra is performing. You're right about Asgardian grandeur on the Subby cover. It's a pity he never guest-starred in Journey Into Mystery - as far as I know!?


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