Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kirby Kovers Week, Day 3!

First up in today's installment, we have adventure Comics #95... and I guess one shouldn't believe everything one reads, eh?

Next, DC Graphic Novel #4, The Hunger Dogs, which was Kirby's own ending to the New Gods saga... I really need to get and read this some day, if only to find out of Darkseid's really riding a roller coaster through a Boom Tube!

Journey into Mystery #56. Giant monsters, shattering ice.

Challengers of the Unknown #2... I'm beginning to think that Kirby wasn't at his usual level on some of this series' covers...

Especially if you compare that cover to Thor #137, which wasn't really all that long afterwards! One can almost feel the impact of Ulik's fist, as well as the debris flying out at you!

As I've noted before, Kirby could do all genres!

Note how the eye is drawn to the figure of Rommel on the cover of Sgt. Fury #6, no matter which side of the cover you look at first!

Next, Fantastic Four #15... this is a layout I've seen Kirby use before on other team books of the era, although specifics evade my memory at the moment.

Isn't it amazing how many of these romance comics covers, like Young Romance #73, feature a woman in tears because the guy who's kissing a different woman is the one they love? Because you know the brunette really loves this guy, right?

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