Monday, February 11, 2013

Kirby Kovers Week, Day One!

Yes, it's a whole week of Kirby Kovers this time around!

First up this time around, it's Journey into Mystery #78... and I do like this cover... Kirby did an excellent job of depicting the shadowy figures, didn't he?

Up next, we have Thor #134, with Thor and company breaking in on the High Evolutionary. I've never read this issue of Thor, but based on this cover alone, I want to find out what the heck happens in this issue -- and isn't that what a cover is supposed to do?

Next, it's Tales to Astonish #79... I seem to recall that Kirby was doing breakdowns for Bill Everett at this time? Certainly the Hercules figure looks more Kirby-ish than the Hulk does (not that I'm complaining, mind you).

One thing about the cover of Fantastic Four #58? That Doctor Doom figure has become rather iconic... it's been used in many places since this issue was published!

Hey, it's another Tales to Astonish issue, this time #75, and this Hulk figure looks much more Kirby-ish than before, eh? Great coloring job on it, too. I wish that they'd produce a Kirby-styled Hulk action figure!

While there are a lot of elements of the cover for Kid Colt Outlaw #87 that say "Kirby" to me, I have to say that the figure of Kid Colt himself looks like it was inked (and maybe even drawn?) by someone else!

Finally, we have Black Magic #19... and that's one nasty-looking carnivorous plant Kirby's drawn there, eh?

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