Monday, March 04, 2013

Comic Book Ads!

alltruecrime39_41 More ads from All True Crime #39... this one starts with another fireworks ad... but what really amuses me is the ad for the radio mike in the corner, which obviously (at least to me) is an example of someone not realizing which dimension was which when they bought their ad space, making it necessary to rotate their ad! This sort of thing happened a few times when I worked at the newspaper, too... although we usually contacted the designer and got them to rework the ad to the proper size. alltruecrime39_42 Why learn to play the piano when you can play the Color-Key Clarinette? Why, you always see Color-Key Clarinettes played in the finest jazz combos, eh? At least I think I've heard of Artie Shaw before... alltruecrime39_48 Nothing really specific about this page that I found interesting or in need of mocking, just an example of comic strip format used for an ad! Odd-looking walkie talkies, weren't they? alltruecrime39_49 Yes, another weight loss ad... this time aimed at women, who were known for reading comics at this time????

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