Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Cool Stuff!

Will the Batman things ever end? I know it feels like they've gone on forever, especially since entering low content mode at the first of the year... batman_rocketgun Batman Rocket Gun! batman_rollerskates batman_skatesinbox Batman roller skates! batman_saucergunahi Batman Saucer Gun! Must've been another AHI item, I think... batman_seriallc Batman serial lobby card! batman_sf_playingcards Batman Super Friends Playing Cards! batman_sf_safetyflag Batman Super Friends Safety Flag! batman_shootinggraplerahi Wow, I'm about speechless at this item... this is another AHI Batman item, the "Shooting Grappler" appears to be a reworking of the Spider-Man web-shooter toy (although I don't know if AHI did that one or not), plus there's the Ernie Chua artwork appropriated for the card art! batman_skyheroes Batman Sky Heroes! batman_sleepingbag89 1989 Batman Sleeping Bag! batman_slidepuzzle Batman Slide Puzzle! batman_slippers Batman Slippers! batman_sonosheet3_01 batman_sonosheet3_02 batman_sonosheet3_03 batman_sonosheet3_04 batman_sonosheet3_05 batman_sonosheet3_06 batman_sonosheet3_07 batman_sonosheet3_08 batman_sonosheet3_09 batman_sonosheet3_10 Japanese Book and Record Set! Hey, here's another one! batman_sonosheetb_01 batman_sonosheetb_02 Would you believe a third Batman book and record set from Japan? batman_sonosheetc_01 batman_sonosheetc_02 batman_sp_jokercoloring Super Powers Joker Coloring Book! batman_sp_sunglasses Super Powers Batman Sunglasses! batman_spaceprobe Batman Space Probe?!?!?!?!?!?! batman_spjokerknockoff Super Powers Knockoff Joker! batman_stardust This Batman "Stardust" art kit used some similar artwork as that used on a board game from the same time! batman_sunglases And we'll finish this installment off with yet another pair of Batman sunglasses!

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