Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cool Stuff!

batman_superbaby One way or another, Batman Super Baby vows this will be the last installment of Batman collectibles in "Cool Stuff" for a while! batman_superbuddiesinflate Inflatable Batman "Super Buddy"! batman_superherocookies Batgirl Superheroes Cookies! batman_superjr_italy Italian Batman Super Jr! batman_superjrs_placemat78 Super Jr. Placemat! batman_suspenders Batman Suspenders! batman_switchngo1 This Batman Switch'n'Go Batmobile Set may be the single coolest 1960s Batman item I've ever seen! batman_switchngo2 batman_switchngo3 batman_switchngo4 batman_switchngo5 batman_switchngo6 batman_swoopsdownspearsgame Batman Swoops Down game! batman_tasteebreadstickers Batman Tastee Bread Stickers! batman_timexwatch70s 1970s Batman Timex Watch! batman_top Batman top! batman_totebag71 1971 Batman Tote Bags! batman_triktrakremco1 This Batman Trik Trak from Remco is almost as beautiful as the Switch'n'Go set above! batman_triktrakremco2 batman_triktrakremco3 batman_triktrakremco4 batman_triktrakremco5 batman_vendingheadercard60s 1960s Vending Machine Header Card! batman_vendingring Batman Vending Machine Ring! batman_villainmazes Super Villain Mazes Book! batman_washmitt1966 1966 Batman Wash Mitt! batman_whistle Batman Whistle! And that wraps up the Batman stuff! battleplanets_coloringart battleplanets_puzzle And as a reward for those of you who stuck with it for the whole post, here's original coloring book cover art with Battle of the Planets, as well as a puzzle!

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