Friday, March 08, 2013

Cover Redux!

First up this time around, we have the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #80 and the reprint in Marvel Tales 361... Looks to me like the original art was statted and very slightly reduced, with new art added on the sides (but not much, it might've actually been on the original art and seen only when reduced). The "On the Trail of... The Chameleon!" was moved int a separate box, plus a burst was added. Aside from that, I don't see any real changes!

Next, Tales to Astonish #93 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #48! This is pretty straight-forward, the art was just shifted down, and the blurb box was enlarged (which seems pretty silly to me). I like that the reprint still had the Surfer's head over the logo!

When Sgt. Fury #30 was reprinted in issue #132, it looks like the art was shifted down a bit, but I don't see any other changes aside from coloring.

Compare and contrast the original cover for Avengers #10 and the Sal Buscema (I'm pretty sure it's Sal's work) new cover for the reprint in Marvel Triple Action #5 -- The Masters of Evil aren't even mentioned, let alone seen, on the original cover, nor is there any background to speak of. On the new cover, the Masters are there, Immortus is wearing a different outfit, there's a background... and the Wasp seems to be entirely missing! As I've noted before, I've always suspected the reason for the new covers on earlier issues of some reprint titles was just so that the casual buyer would think it was a new comic, not a reprint.

I'm not 100% positive (because I don't have the original issue or the Essential volume), but I suspect that when Amazing Spider-Man #30 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #23, a stat of the splash page was used for the cover... or perhaps it was an alternate cover? Certainly the original cover is way better!

Next up, Avengers #17 and the reprint in Marvel Triple Action #11! No art changes to speak of, other than the re-arranging of blurbs -- the bottom blurb is gone, the title blurb was moved into its place, and the "Search for the Hulk" blurb was edited from in an arrow to in a circle.

Finally, here's Incredible Hulk #124 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #76! I don't see any major changes in the art... the title blurb's reduced some, and it looks like a pattern was added to help shade the Rhino, but that's about it.

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