Friday, March 22, 2013

Cover Redux!

So, just as a reminder (and for those of you coming in late to this), Cover Redux is a feature here on Random Acts of Geekery where I show the original cover to a Marvel Comic as well as the reprint, and examine them for changes! Here, we have Fantastic Four #70 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #53. Obviously, the new cover format at the time called for kind of framing the art, and the "When Fall the Mighty" blurb got moved (and shrunken), with a new blurb thrown in. Aside from that, I only see coloring variations on this one.

Next, we have Amazing Spider-Man #149 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #126. Yes, this is part of the original Clone Saga. At first, it looks like the art is just recolored, but let's look closer! The Jackal figure's been enlarged some, the blurb on the bottom has been reduced and moved... and there's the building itself! Some of the details have been changed on it! I'm not sure why this was done... although I suspect part of it was so that the feet of the hostage (is that Ned Leeds?) could be added, as in the original cover, he's missing from the thighs down!

Next, Sub-Mariner #2 and the reprint in Tales to Astonish (2nd series) #2! The art's been shifted down, and the blurb was reduced slightly and moved over to the right... and there's been an extra bit of water effect added at the top (you can see it behind Namor's fist).

Check out Daredevil #19 as reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #31... off-hand, it looks the same... but the crook with the hat's entirely missing so the Iron Man insert could be put in! Apparently when that was done, someone also whited out the guy in the brown suit who was on the ground, as his knees down are missing, and only kind of indicated by the coloring!

Next, it's X-Men #45 and the reprint in issue #93 (I think this was also reprinted in a Marvel Triple Action... or was it Marvel Super Action?). I believe the art was statted and enlarged (but only slightly), as Cyclops' elbow is just off the edge of the cover, and the art on the bottom is cropped, yet the art appears higher on the top. Of course, there's the extra word balloons added!

It's always interesting to see what happens with a Marvel cover is reprinted that was in the short-lived "Frame" era... here's Amazing Spider-Man #107 and the reprint in Marvel Tales. Obviously, the entire image was flopped... but look again! The figure of Spidey is smaller, while the rest of the image is larger... The Spider-Slayer's legs are different, too -- one is touching Spidey on the neck, while the other is in front of him (to our view) whereas on the original, it was behind him. The building in the background is different, too... the window is closer to the door than on the original. Of course, blurbs are moved and altered, too.

Next, it's X-Men #30, and the reprint in issue #78! Obviously, there's an all-new cover done here, and the X-Men's uniforms are wrong... the Sorcerer's costume is also completely changed.

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  1. Fantastic Four #70 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #53:
    On the reprint cover Johnny is no longer afire and Sue's body and legs have been redrawn.
    (Her hips are facing the android while her torso is facing the reader in the original. The reprint has her whole body facing the reader. Also she's less "busty" on the reprint cover.)

    X-Men #30 and X-Men#78:
    On the reprint cover (which is totally-new) The X-Men are wearing the "sweater-vest" original uniforms, not the "v-front with red belt" modification introduced in #27 (or #75 in the reprints)
    Note: Marvel had trouble keeping track of which uniforms the X-Men were wearing in both reprints and guest-appearances in other titles (Avengers, Captain America, etc.) during this period.
    (with the next issue [#76] of the reprints the new-art covers got it right.)
    Once the "All-New" team debuted, the original five were shown in updated outfits based on their individualized costumes introduced in #39 (except for Angel, thank god, who wore the Neal Adams-designed threads from #62-63!).


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