Friday, March 01, 2013

Fandom Library: K-a #8!

k-a08_01 Another installment of this vintage fanzine! k-a08_02 k-a08_03 k-a08_04 k-a08_05 k-a08_06 k-a08_07 k-a08_08 k-a08_09 k-a08_10 k-a08_11 k-a08_12 k-a08_13 k-a08_14 k-a08_15 k-a08_16 k-a08_17 k-a08_18 k-a08_19 k-a08_20 k-a08_21 k-a08_22 k-a08_23 k-a08_24 k-a08_25 k-a08_26 k-a08_27 k-a08_28 k-a08_29 k-a08_30 k-a08_31 k-a08_32 k-a08_33 k-a08_34 k-a08_35 k-a08_36 k-a08_37 k-a08_38 k-a08_39 k-a08_40 k-a08_41 k-a08_42 k-a08_43 k-a08_44 k-a08_45 k-a08_46 k-a08_47 k-a08_48 k-a08_49 k-a08_50 k-a08_51 k-a08_52 k-a08_53 k-a08_54 k-a08_55 k-a08_56 k-a08_57 k-a08_58 k-a08_59 k-a08_60 k-a08_61 k-a08_62 k-a08_63 k-a08_64 k-a08_65 k-a08_66 k-a08_67 k-a08_68 k-a08_69 k-a08_70 k-a08_71 k-a08_72 k-a08_73 k-a08_74 k-a08_75 k-a08_76 k-a08_77 k-a08_78 k-a08_79 k-a08_80 k-a08_81 k-a08_82 k-a08_83 k-a08_84 k-a08_85 k-a08_86 k-a08_87 k-a08_88 k-a08_89 k-a08_90 k-a08_91


  1. Hate to be picky, but for future reference: K-a was not a fanzine, it was an APA. The difference between a fanzine and an Amateur Press Alliance was exactly the difference between a website and a private mailing list. APAs weren't created to be sold, or even to be read by anyone other than the members, and were never edited but merely put together by a Central Mailer. A lot of the people who did APAs also did fanzines (which were intended for public consumption) and wouldn't want all their fannish activities judged by something they produced solely to be seen by only a dozen or so other people.

  2. Dateline: 11.01.66
    Dear APA
    I must resign as Central Mailer.
    I've found employment!

    (Never to be heard from again)


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