Sunday, March 10, 2013

Krypto Update!

We were getting worried again about Krypto's health last night, because he needs to take his medication with food and he wasn't eating. Fortunately, I suggested peanut butter, and he ate that with his medication. Today he's got enough of an appetite that if our other dogs get near his food, he's growling at them -- a good sign!

I mentioned this was all rather expensive -- his surgery a week ago plus this is costing us about $1700! If you've been enjoying this blog and are willing and able to help us get Krypto's medical bills paid off, a PayPal donation of any amount would be helpful -- I know this is asking a lot! I hope to set up a donation button next time I'm home, but in the meantime you could just send donations to waffyjon at Comcast dot net. I will happily list all contributors as they come in. And even if you aren't able to donate any money, your good thoughts are also appreciated!

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  1. Until I can get some money into my PayPal account, you definitely have my good thoughts!


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