Monday, March 11, 2013

Monster Week, Day 1: Monster Stuff!

Think of it as being Halloween in March! monolith_monsters Monolith Monsters insert poster! monolithmonsters_still1 monolithmonsters_still2 Monolith Monsters stills! And more after the jump! monster_greatmoviesbook Great Monsters of the Movies book! I've got this on my want list... monster_moviemonstersbook Here's one I used to have as a kid... and I may have re-acquired a copy in the past year or so... I don't remember for sure! If I have, I'll need to scan and share it in the future! monster_paintset1 Scary Paint Set! monster_windups AHI Monster Wind-Ups! monsterandtheape_pb The Monster and the Ape Pressbook! monsterfeet Monster Feet! monsterfromoceanfloor_insert monsterfromoceanfloor_lc Monster From the Ocean Floor insert poster and lobby card! monstermaker_italian Italian poster for The Monster Maker! monsterofpiedras_lc1 The Monster of Piedras Blancas lobby card! monsteroncampus1 Monster On Campus Belgian poster! monsteroncampus_italian Monster on Campus Italian poster! monsters_horrosscope Monsters Horrorscope! I wish I'd bid on this thing! monsters_lunchbox79 Universal Monsters Lunchbox from 1979! monsters_sonosheet1 Giant Monsters Japanese Book and Record Set! monsters_sonosheet2 monsters_sonosheet3 monsters_sonosheet4 monsters_sonosheet5 monsters_sonosheet6 monsters_sonosheet7 monsterthatchallenged_lc1 Monster That Challenged the World lobby card! monsterwhochallenged_italian The Monster Who Challenged the World Italian poster! monsterzero_german Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero Japanese poster! monsterzero_italian Monster Zero Italian poster! monstroid_poster Monstroid poster! mothra_still2 mothra_stills Mothra stills! mummy_ahi_jiggler AHI Mummy jiggler! mummyhammer_arg1 The Mummy (Hammer) Argentina poster! mummyhammer_still1 mummyhammer_stills2 The Mummy (Hammer) stills! mummyscurse_belgian The Mummy's Curse Belgium poster! mummysshroud_lc The Mummy's Shroud lobby card! mysterians_still The Mysterians still! mysteriousisland_still1 Mysterious Island still! mysteryofwaxmuseum_still1 and we'll wrap this up with a Mystery of the Wax Museum still!

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