Wednesday, March 06, 2013

My Toys: Hanna-Barbera Series 1 Jonny Quest Figure!

Sometimes, I find toys at yard sales and garage sales, sometimes I find them at Toys R Us or Target, sometimes I get them at comic book shows... but this one I got at Big Lots! Manufactured by McFarlane Toys, this is a really nice set, with Jonny, Bandit, and a pterodactyl that can be put together to make the mini-diorama shown on the left. You may be surprised to see this still on the card, given that I usually don't leave my toys carded, but honestly, I just don't have a good place to display this one! I think I need a bigger office so I can have one shelf just for Hanna-Barbera items (that'll give me an excuse to find the Space Ghost and Herculoids action figures from some years ago, anyway)!

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