Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 3!

alltruecrime46_02 Today's ads come from All True Crime #46, and I've got to say, I really dig this first one because of that projector toy (no surprise there, I'd imagine). I've seen those offered a few times on eBay, but always out of my price range! alltruecrime46_11 I suppose after we've taken care of losing all the extra weight, getting our hair back, and putting on some muscle, us comic book readers would be all ready to be a finger print expert -- but does this guy look like a predecessor to CSI, or just a standard private eye? alltruecrime46_23 What I find amusing about this ad is that they could get a picture of a curvy blonde woman, but then used line art drawings of men admiring her???? alltruecrime46_27 Okay, all of us who read Thor comics when Hercules would exclaim, "By the zestful zither of Zeus!", now you know what a zither is! alltruecrime46_49 Girdle ads in comics... yes, that's right! alltruecrime46_51 What can I say about this ad that you aren't already thinking when you see the face on this guy?

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